Licensed Electrician in Geelong on Power Surges

Licensed Electrician in Geelong on Power Surges

They are among the most notable drivers of new habits and businesses these days. Portable electronics are everywhere. They are ubiquitous among this generation, and many would seldom consider leaving their house without at least some of them.

At the very least, most people today can count on a smartphone. Far more would count an MP3 player, a gaming console, a digital television, and a laptop computer in their arsenal, just within arm’s reach, in their homes. These pieces of technological wizardry, unheard of within our lifetimes, have not only revolutionised our methods of communication and the speed of our collective evolution. They also constitute a considerable investment, and are vital to our working lives. As Geelong’s licensed electricians, we can attest to that.

However, despite all the advancements in our modern technology, they are still vulnerable to damage. When most people think of a power surge, they think of a spectacular shower of sparks blasting down from a transformer box. But the vast majority of these surges are far more subtle, constituting a mer electronics e flicker of the lights. And they can happen dozens of times per day. These small surges can damage the fragile microprocessor units inside of our beloved electronics.

While they won’t be hurt beyond repair, taken collectively, these surges can injure the life span of your gear by up to 30%. Therefore, it makes sense to protect your investment with a surge protector. These units allow any amperage beyond a reasonable level to be grounded, never reaching the end point. Many are available in a bulk ‘power bar’ format, allowing your electronics to be charged en masse through a safe source.

As your Licensed electricians in Geelong, we would hate to see you lose your contact list or valuable work from your laptop, so take care and protect your kit.